FAME: Tiger Woods
FAME: Tiger Woods

One of the newsmakers of the decade is now a comic book sensation. In stores on Wednesday, July 13th, Tiger Woods is the next subject of Bluewater Productions' biography comic book series.

Tiger Woods is, in most respects, the most famous golfer of all time. He may have had some recent troubles, but his life is one filled with very interesting tidbits. Come inside and see how his life lead him to be one of the most famous sports stars in the history of the United States and the world and learn about the man behind all of these news stories. Go for a hole in one with this comic detailing the life story of this major athlete.

"Fame: Tiger Woods," will feature a cover by famed artist Tony Foti. The interior art is illustrated by Marcelo Salaza and written by CW Cooke. The issue will retail for $3.99 and be available through most online venues like Amazon.com as well as local comic book stores. To order the book online at "Barnes & Noble" click here http://bit.ly/pBgkof

The "Fame" series was launched earlier in 2010 as a companion piece to the successful "Female Force" and "Political Power" biography titles. The comic allows Bluewater to delve into the celebrity culture and understand how a person rises to fame, deals with the newfound celebrity and continue to produce in the public eye. That includes actors, sports figures, recording artists and royals.

The biography comic book series which has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News and in Vanity Fair as well as 1000,s of other places.

Upcoming biography subjects are Martha Stewart, Charlie Sheen, Danica Patrick and Madonna.