In stores this Wednesday,
December 1st!


The cult classic "Logan's Run" gets graphic in a new graphic novel in stores this Wednesday, December 1st. Written by "Logan's Run" creator William F. Nolan as well as Paul J. Salamoff and Jason Brock. Artwork by Daniel Gete and cover by Azim.

"I'm excited to be partnered with Bluewater on this latest trek with Logan," said William Nolan "It has the potential to be a successful new chapter in the Logan saga. Logan lives!"

The graphic novel is described as, it's the 23rd Century and at age 21…your life is over. Bluewater Comics proudly presents a new adaptation of William F. Nolan's masterpiece of dystopian future: LOGAN'S RUN. Logan-6 has been trained to kill; born and bred from conception to be the best of the best, but his time is short and before his life ends he's got one final mission: Find and destroy Sanctuary, a fabled haven for those that chose to defy the system.

Ray Bradbury said "Beautiful! Wonderful art! I love it"

"Logan's Run: Last Day" Volume 1 is at Amazon.com, or call your local comic / bookstores like "Borders" or "Barnes & Noble". The suggested retail price (SRP) for the upcoming graphic novel is $14.99.

With over two dozen stellar reviews from trendsetting websites such as:

Newsarama which raved that "The writing is pretty taut and immersive, making the book a speedy yet satisfying read…Bottom line: I loved it."
Famous Monsters of Filmland extolled that, "The action is well paced and the story develops just enough to leave me wanting more."
Aint it Cool News lauded that "Logan's Run: Last Day" definitely will have me back to the stores for more."
The followup mini series "Logan's Run: Aftermath" has been moved to a Januray release.