Bo Obama: The White House Tails
Bo Obama:
The White House Tails
graphic novel

He may lead a dog's life in the White House, but First Pet Bo Obama is receiving star treatment as Bluewater Productions' featured subject in a special edition of the educational comic Bo Obama: The White House Tails. The comic book has sold out and will be getting a 2nd printing in this expanded version.

Bo Obama: The White House Tails, a comic adventure aimed at pre-teens and younger, is releasing a 40-page graphic novel version of the comic that not only explains what it's like to live in the White House as First Dog, but the history of presidential pets, the history and tour of the executive mansion and an overview of the Portuguese Water Dog breed. The book is written by Paul J. Salamoff and drawn by Emmy Award winning Disney and Warner Brothers artist Keith Tucker.

"This is a book for younger readers," said Bluewater president Darren Davis. "I don't expect Bo to fight crime or solve the deficit, but for kids looking a fun read without realizing they're learning, then this book is for them."

According to Davis, Bo serves as narrator and tour guide. This book hits stores for the 1st anniversary of Barack Obama in the oval office.

The trade paperback book, which expands the original 23-page issue released last September as Puppy Power: Bo Obama, will be available in book stores, comic shops and online venues in February 2010. Pre-ordering for Bo Obama: The White House Tails is currently available at several outlets and bookstores using the ISBN #: 978-1-61623-925-1

Author Paul Salamoff added, "I am so very pleased to hear that Puppy Power: Bo Obama sold-out its first run. When I originally wrote it, I knew that once people got beyond the perceived kitsch value of it, they would discover that it's packed with compelling educational facts about Bo and the history of The White House."

In a related story, the special edition flip book featuring the biographies of Barack and Michelle Obama has sold out.

First Family: The Obamas, which released last month, included the unabridged issues from Bluewater's biography comic series Political Power: Barack Obama and Female Force: Michelle Obama. It featured a special wraparound cover and some additional artwork not included in the individual issues. No additional printings are currently planned.